An introduction, three years late?

So I graduated this December—a fact which is simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating, but mostly the former. Nevertheless, despite all the guidance and people and routines I’m going to miss, there’s one thing I can be glad about:
No more icebreakers.

No more rattling off name-class-major like rank and serial number, no more dredging up interesting facts from a life barely lived (I, an Illustrious Introvert, have had very few adventures, which may explain the genre fiction). No more trying desperately to remember classmates’ names whose owners I will never see again, because frankly, Creative Writing majors don’t cross Accountants’ paths outside the core. Now it’s just names in the workplace, and no one is likely to make me come up with adjectives for myself that start with K.

This is, of course, the moment for those of you paying attention to say: “Kati”—or, I suppose, “Miss Waldrop” if you’re so inclined, but I’m just Kati—“Kati, you’re writing an introductory post to a website.”

The more pedantic hypothetical critic will add, “A website you’ve had up in some degree for roundabouts three years now, and deleted almost every post you ever made.”

Cue the rueful smile: Yes, I know. Believe me, I know.

The way to treat Study in Ink has never been quite clear to me. I don’t exactly talk well about myself; the fact that I have a copy-paste bio to use is one ounce of the saving grace I’ve accumulated over years of bickering with my own brain. The idea of finding an audience—people who would want to listen to me talk about myself—boggles. My writing, in an ideal world, would speak for itself. But you know, the personal context matters sometimes. Sometimes a sense of the person behind the work is valuable—creates a genuine connection between us, and if there’s anything we need more of, it’s genuine connection. Honesty. Empathy. Communication.

So here I am. Making an attempt. Hi, I’m Kati the Irritable Feminist. I write genre fiction—mostly fantasy, oft tinged bleakly with darkness—I have often been known as the resident vampire, and I sleep far too little. I thrive on the run-on, I exult in emdashes, I’m fascinated by the mechanics and organics and cybernetic augments of story. I believe Moana is in every sense a superior film to Frozen, no matter how much advertising Disney pumps into the snow queen. I think Harry Potter is life and Fantastic Beasts is love. I’m here for #diversebooks and reclamation of genre from the racist, sexist bull that plagues the genre.

My plans for Study in Ink in the future: one, regular updates on the progress of my novel-draft Devils’ Graveyard; editing and revision on my first huge project are going to be interesting processes, and I think journaling the journey will have value. Two: writing thoughts. I ponder the workings of fiction quite a bit, and I’d like to think that such contemplations might be useful to others as well. Three: life stuff, sometimes? Maybe. If anything interesting happens, it’ll probably go up. Four: book reviews sometimes. Poetry, fantasy, maybe some other things.

If that sounds up your alley, any of it, then there’s a subscribe button somewhere around here. Or tweet me at @the_enddays.

Anyway…hello, I suppose. Nice to meet you. Hope you don’t bite, but this is the internet.