Current Projects

Devils’ Graveyard
Urban Fantasy

When princess Amaranth Vins enrolls in New Alabaster’s world-famous Pale College of devil-hunting, she knows exactly why she’s there–to find the soul of her best friend, which was sold in a bid to overthrow Amaranth’s own family. However, when she befriends the daughter of a criminal infamous for stealing prophecy from the secret libraries of one of the four squabbling Alabastrian belief systems, Amaranth finds herself coming up against an ancient cruelty and a new plan for salvation that may just be more evil than the devils. Because those prophecies call New Alabaster a “hungry city”, and warn of a great devouring…


Works Ready for Submission

The Rose-tender: Short story. The handmaiden of Death struggles with her duty in the face of the eldritch… and the all-too-human.

The Serpent in the Scarlet Suit: Short story. An elderly woman takes in a very unusual lodger.

Weeds of the Wave: Short story. A selkie who gave her skin away strives to win it back, but going home isn’t that simple.